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With the rotary high-performance direct drive series RKI, the INA Drives & Mechatronics Their portfolio of engines opens up new fields of application. The structure of the drives leads to outstanding values ​​for the motor constant. The drives achieve a high torque and high speeds with low heat generation and thus offer maximum performance, economy and energy efficiency.

For the motor series, the internal structure of the standard internal rotor drives of the RI series has been completely revised. While the rotor in the RI drive was still a homogeneous steel part, in the RKI it is an assembly whose core forms a magnetic carrier. This reduces eddy current losses to a minimum. The rotor is heated less and is no longer the limiting factor for the performance of the engine. As a result, much higher speeds are possible. In addition, the permanent magnets in the rotor are arranged so that the magnetic flux is maximized. Due to the innovative design and the associated bundling of the magnetic field, higher torques are achieved.

The optimization of the engine map in the rotary high-performance direct drive motors RKI pays off especially for applications in production machinery. The use of the RKI series for turning-milling centers offers particular advantages. Their field of application can be greatly increased by the significantly expanded speed and torque ranges. The excellent static and dynamic load rigidity as well as the very good synchronous characteristics of the motors, which lead to exact machining results and high surface qualities, are also fully accentuated here.

The motors of the RKI series are available in different diameters and are fundamentally based on the dimensions of the Idam RI series.

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