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SEW Euro Drive has designed its engine range as an energy-efficient construction kit with the DR engine kit in accordance with existing and foreseeable national and international laws and regulations, and it complies with energy-saving classes IE1, IE2 and IE3. If you want to find out about the worldwide efficiency regulations and the mandatory use of energy-saving motors, you can now use the "IE Guide", the manufacturer's first iPhone app.

The use of energy-efficient motors plays a key role in increasing the efficiency of automation systems and is therefore becoming an elementary component of reengineering processes for existing plants as well as of completely new concepts. The political activities are also leading in this direction and, with the global efficiency regulations, make the use of energy-saving motors (IE1: Standard Efficiency, IE2: High Efficiency, IE3: Premium Efficiency, IE4: Super Premium Efficiency) binding. With the energy-saving motors of the DR motor kit (DRS = IE1, DRE = IE2, DRP = IE3) as well as the mechatronic drive system "Movigear" (IE4), a comprehensive product program is available to meet these efficiency regulations.

The iPhone app in the field of electric drive technology answers the question as to which date in which country which efficiency class becomes mandatory. The free app "IE Guide" is available in the iTunes Store.

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