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hornbeamWith the Electric full release Hainbuch is expanding its energy-efficient product portfolio, offering a solution that is as ecological as it is economical. Because the electric full tensioner dispenses with what consumes the most energy. And that is undoubtedly the hydraulics of a machine. It provides permanent pressure and thus consumes energy permanently. The electric full tensioner, however, only needs energy when it moves.

The economical solution scores with less power loss, sensitive clamping force control during machining and a position-accurate, fast control of different stroke positions.

The long-stroke variant is designed for all standard chip removal tools - from clamping head to jaw chuck. With its narrow, long, rotationally symmetrical design, it is particularly suitable for vertical machines. He also has a through hole for the media feedthrough. And as with the hollow clamping variant presented at the beginning of the year, the clamping force can also be adapted to the cutting and centrifugal forces via the adjusting motor during the entire machining process. The procurement cost amortization period in both versions is around one and a half years.

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