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MaxonWith the EC 22 HD (Heavy duty) launched Maxon Motor as the world's first supplier of a standard motor for extremely harsh operating conditions. Designed for the exceptionally high demands of deep drilling, the EC 22 HD electronically commutated motor withstands even the toughest conditions where "normal" motors fail. Deep Well Drilling (called "Downhole Drilling" in oil and gas exploration) enables the extraction of oil and gas from depths above 2500 m.

Coupled with the directional drilling technique (the dynamic attitude alignment of a hole) it allows the development of previously unattainable occurrences with drilling depths from currently about 5000 and drilling lengths up to 11.000 m.

The development of electronics and related drives today makes it easier to control and control many functions throughout the entire drilling process. For example, the position of the drill head can be dynamically measured and aligned during the drilling process. In addition, hydraulic valves or dampers are controlled by electromechanical drives in various deep drilling tools. The temperature and pressure conditions prevailing at this depth, combined with the strong vibrations that occur during drilling, make the use of electric drives a real challenge.

The different variants of the EC 22 HD are therefore designed for operation in air or for sub-oil operation (flooded in hydraulic oil). The type rating depends on the surrounding medium and is 80 W in air and, due to the much higher heat dissipation, 240 W in oil. They are designed for ambient temperatures above 200 ° C and atmospheric pressures up to 1700 bar.

Further requirements for the Ø 22 mm engines are resistance to vibration up to 25 grms as well as to shocks and impacts up to 100 G (the 100-fold gravitational acceleration) - as a comparison: A Formula 1 vehicle will be equipped with approx. 2 G , Combat aircraft are burdened with up to 13 G approx. The motors are highly efficient (in air up to 88%, in oil over 70%) and therefore offer ideal conditions for battery-powered applications. With their restless running properties they have excellent control properties and are suitable for high-precision positioning tasks, even at low speeds.

The engine opens up new possibilities in a multitude of applications, which are just as demanding. It is predestined, for example, for use in space technology and in power plants as well as in vehicle and aircraft construction, in underground applications or in highly dynamic movements.

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