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NorthAuch Three-phase motors with 0,55 kW power are now available on request in IE2-compliant versions at Nord Drivesystems. The requirements of the new European energy-saving standard are preceded by these models: The IE2011 requirement applicable from June 2 only applies to engines with an 0,75 kW output and similar standards apply in almost all other regions of the world. Exceptions exist only in some Asian countries. For example, in China, the GB18613 from July 2011 writes the efficiency class Grade 2, an efficiency similar to IE2, even for small engines with 0,55 kW mandatory.

For energy-efficient motors, the drive specialist uses more active material and higher-quality plates with lower losses and increases the copper filling factors. The design improvements lead to greater power reserves, so that in many cases motors with lower nominal power can be used and thus additional efficiency advantages can be achieved. These increases result from a reduced partial load range in which the efficiency inevitably drops. As a standard, the company will continue to supply engines according to the previous EFF2 certification, but in the future without the expiring EFF2 marking.

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