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The ironless DC motors by koco Motion have already proven themselves in many applications. They are very efficient, offer high speeds and a long service life. Now the drive specialist is expanding its 'Coreless Motors' range with new versions that are specially designed for the requirements of medical technology and safety technology.

The integrated structure of winding, commutator and shaft are the key to the characteristic motor characteristics of these small powerhouses. Thanks to the multi-part commutation segments (7 to 9 segments) and higher number of spools, the so-called ripple is significantly reduced.

The drives are running very quiet and quiet. Furthermore, they offer a lower cogging torque than their predecessor models, a high linearity of the torque and a very good synchronization. At idle, their power consumption is low and the efficiency is a considerable 80%.

The lifetimes are up to 4000 h at a possible operating temperature of -20 ° to + 80 ° C Celsius. Individual adjustments can be made to the winding, bearing, shaft, cable or flange. For the energy-efficient handling of off-grid power sources, the optimum efficiency of the winding must be adapted to the operating point. This achieves the best results.

There are three new sizes in diameters 12 to 19 mm (1221N7M, 1625N9M, 1925N9M). The ironless motors are particularly suitable for battery-operated applications such as in pumps, respiratory masks or gas detectors. They can also be used in potentially explosive environments.

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  • SPS Hall 3, Booth 240 The ironless DC motors from Koco Motion have already proven their worth in many applications. They are very efficient, offer high speeds and a long service life. Now the drive specialist is expanding its series of 'Coreless Motors' with new versions that are specially designed for the requirements in medical technology and safety technology.
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