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The drive platform "Kannmotion" from koco Motion and Adlos some features have been added. The cooperation partners recently demonstrated what is possible with the help of a coin sorter at the SPS IPC Drives 2018 in Nuremberg. The one consisting of a stepper motor, encoder and control Servo system "Kannmotion“Is a platform for customer-specific applications based on integrated stepper motor controls.

One concept thus offers many options for a wide variety of requirements. The space-saving and cost-optimized drive system is individually adapted to this platform. And that is often worthwhile for relatively small quantities from 100 pieces.

New features

Kocomotion21218The engine can with the help of the free "Stepper Config ToolsBe programmed. With this easy-to-use tool, even complex processes and control algorithms can be efficiently mapped within a very short time. Thus, Kannmotion opens up new fields of application that were previously often reserved for other technologies. For example, the controller was combined with a linear actuator to replace a pneumatic cylinder. The stroke lengths are infinitely flexible. Within a movement, different speeds can be realized.

For industrial applications, the connectors can be replaced by robust screw connections. If desired, the protection class can even be increased to IP65. For networking within complex devices, the servo system now has a CANopen interface in addition to the standard RS232 interface. An additional IO-Link interface is planned for the year 2019.

Application coin sorter

Kocomotion31218At the SPS IPC Drives, Koco Motion and Adlos presented the servo system in the application of a coin sorter and thus demonstrated a complex application without a PLC. In this coin sorter coins are separated, measured their diameter, placed in position accordingly and finally fed to the right tray.

The coin sorter was set up with three Kannmotion drives, which are controlled via a DIO (digital input and output) sequence control. Each servomotor has to fulfill a special task. The release motor (1) serves as a barrier and drops the coin into the compartment provided. The vibration motor (2) moves the coins in the chute by deliberately knocking out the stepper motor and vibrating it. If a coin falls into the chute, it breaks through a light barrier and gives the stop signal to the vibration motor. The KannMOTION then sends a start signal to the turntable motor (3). Upon receipt of this signal, the turntable motor reads the analog input. In the programming of the Kannmotions a table is deposited, which assigns the diameter of the coin to a compartment in the turntable. The turntable rotates in position and gives the release motor the start signal.

Kocomotion41218This application can be adapted in many ways, for example in a rotary transfer machine or on a paternoster. The Münzsortierer should show how easy and above all how flexible Kannmotion can be used.

The Kannmotion concept

The compact Kannmotion is based on typically 80% standard components and is designed as a closed loop. It also works reliably in continuous operation like a servomotor and can be programmed via commands or sequence programs. The servo system is used for positioning tasks and applications that require a controlled continuous operation or programmed movement sequence. The Kannmotion is available in flange sizes Nema 17, 23, 24 and 34 with torques up to 10 Nm. The supply voltage is 24 V, 2 A or 48 V, 10 A.

Presentation of the Kannmotion servo system

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