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harmonic1118SPS IPC Drives Hall 4, 240 Stand

In particular, the drives of the fourth and fifth axis in machining heads of machine tools nowadays require robust drives with a large hollow shaft, a high degree of protection and a precise gearbox. Also for the direct recording of the tool compact constructions with tilt-stable output bearing are required. The Servo drives of the "Canisdrive"From Harmonic Drive meet these requirements.

In addition, the development of the new servo drives of the Canisdrive-50 and -58 series focused on the hollow shaft as a central feature. Here, the market requirement for a hollow shaft as large as possible was implemented. Single-tooth winding technology in segmented stators technology forms the basis of the drive system. The power density of the motor was maximized by an optimized cut with a sophisticated insulation system and a high copper groove fill factor through orthocyclic winding.

The sizes 50 and 58 provide with their significantly enlarged hollow shaft for new design possibilities. For example, they offer a hollow shaft diameter of 50 mm in size 55,5 and even 58 mm in size 65,5. The drive system is equipped with a mechanical interface compatible with its predecessor model CHA-50 and CHA-58. The large centric hollow shaft often allows a significant simplification of the machine design and thus enables a cost effective and efficient development.

To adapt to customer-specific applications, the servo drives offer numerous combination options for selecting the motor winding, the motor feedback system, the brake and various sensor, cable and plug options. The flexibility in configuration allows compatibility with almost all servo drives in the market. The servo drive of the "Yukondrive" series provides a pre-assembled drive system specially tailored to the needs of these servo drives.

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