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kostal1018SPS IPC Drives Hall 3A, Booth 310

Kostal wants with the new "Inveor MP "series Introducing a new dimension in decentralized drive technology: the motor-mounted performance class is intended to be particularly efficient, universal and intelligent.

It supports all synchronous reluctance, synchronous and asynchronous motors with maximum energy efficiency. The sensorless motor control and the extended speed control range get the maximum out of every application, and with minimum energy input. Thanks to the universal motor adaptation concept, the Inveor MP (motor-mounted performance) fits every engine and, thanks to the IP 65 protection class, is also used in heavy-duty environments. Plug-in connections and commissioning via Bluetooth app or PC software make the Inveor universal and yet individual.

The Inveor MP Modular is the first version with an intelligent power unit, which does not require a separate application card. It is modularly configurable and can be equipped with various additions such as an I / O module or integrated braking resistor.

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