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Kocomotion20417koco Motion presents a new version of the 3 integrated stepper motor drives. Generation "Lexium Mdrive". In the flange sizes Nema 17 and Nema 23 they are now also available as linear actuators offered - on request also with closed-loop control.

The Lexium Mdrive 17 linear can run with a maximum spindle length of up to 450 mm and can sustain forces up to 220 N permanently. With the Lexium Mdrive 23 linear, the maximum spindle length is 610 mm, which makes forces up to 900 N permanently available. Both linear motors are available in the IP20 version with the familiar plug connections and as the IP65 version with the particularly robust M12 screw connections. This means that the drives withstand harsh industrial environments and corresponding environmental influences without any problems.

Using the optional integrated encoder, the patented closed-loop control HMT enables running characteristics like a servomotor - without the need for elaborate PID controller tuning. The combination of proven stepper motor technology, closed-loop control and fieldbus control enables high positioning accuracy. Linear actuators can be generated quickly and easily with the linear actuators.

The stepper motors are suitable for industrial 422 applications with their interfaces and fieldbus systems RS-485 / 4.0, Ethernet / IP, Modbus / TCP, CANopen and Profinet. The supplier sells the Lexium Mdrive drives exclusively for Schneider Electric Motion, USA.

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