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Rollon0317Motek Hall 5, 5405 Stand

Using an exemplary handling process for metal sheets demonstrated Rollon the possible uses of "Actuator SystemLine"And the shuttle system" Seventh Axis. The Actuator System Line can be used to set up axis telescopes, which can be combined to form ideal feeder systems for linking and equipping presses or subsequent processing stations. With the Seventh Axis, the working space of industrial robots is simply extended.

To do this, the entire robot moves on a linear axis. In the exhibition installation, sheets are picked up by vacuum feeders by the telescopic feeders and transported to the plant and then deposited again. The workpiece cycle is closed by a robot, which moves on a seventh axis and transports the metal sheets from the workpiece to the workpiece support.

The feeder system based on the Actuator System Line can also be used efficiently in tight spaces, for example in the case of interference contours caused by press tools or the machine housing. In practice, strokes up to around 4,5 m are possible and the manageable weight amounts to up to 80 kg per driven telescopic axle. The telescopic feeders are each adapted to the application and individually configured. The maximum possible total system speed is 8,5 m / s, the maximum total acceleration at 19 m / s². With these parameters, for example, 4 m Hub can be run in less than 1 s cycle time.

To be seen at the exhibition stand is a production model of the Seventh Axis in action. It is suitable as a carrier for articulated arm robots of the order of magnitude up to 2 t and achieves a maximum speed of 4 m / s during operation with a maximum possible acceleration of 4 m / s². Repeat accuracy is ± 0,05 mm. Theoretically, unlimited strokes are possible with the seventh axis up to 40 m. Thanks to integration into the robot control, lubrication is fully automatic. Optionally, a sheet metal cover can be mounted to protect against contamination, also a walk-in cover is possible. In addition to the use for floor mounting, the modular system can also be modified for ceiling and wall mounting.
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