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Steinmeyer01171With the production technologies "Opti Lite"And Xi-Plus minimizes Steinmeyer, the surface roughness of the spindle track their miniature and precision ball screws. Irregularities are almost completely eliminated. The running properties improve. The result is an optimized energy efficiency of the ballscrews.

Miniature ball screws with spindle diameters from 3 to 16 mm are mainly used in semiconductor technology, optics as well as in medical and measuring technology. The manufacturer offers two standard spindle series, five different types of nuts and, on request, also application-specific versions for clean room or vacuum applications.

The production of the spindles for the miniature ball screws now uses Optislite technology. It minimizes the surface roughness of the spindle track and virtually eliminates irregularities. Compared to standard spindles, the process reduces the surface quality Rz by 60%. At the same time, the material carrying ratio Rmr (c) increases by 70%. The result is noticeably improved running characteristics, reduced noise levels at high speeds, improved lubrication, and higher idling torque uniformity.

In machine tools, precision ball screws ensure precise positioning of the workpiece and tool carrier. For all positioning ball screws with P-tolerances and nominal diameters from 16 to 80 mm, the production of spindles in Xi-Plus quality produces significantly better surface qualities. Like the Optislite technology in miniature ball screws, the Xi-Plus technology ensures optimum running properties. Xi-Plus spindles vibrate less, run quieter, are quieter and offer improved run-in behavior. The bandwidth of the torque signal could be reduced by 40%.
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