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Small, light and flat is the lubricant-free Miniature linear axis "DryLin SLN 27 "of Igus, In combination with the "Ddryspin "-Steilgewinden can be in addition to simple handling tasks thus instantaneous sensor adjustment with stepper or DC motor realized cost.

The miniature linear axis is particularly suitable for low-weight feed movements. The compact unit can thus be used for sensor adjustments and light handling tasks in instrumentation and laboratory technology. It is based on the miniature sliding guide "Drylin N" with a rail width of 27 mm. The materials used and the design make the guide rail a cost-effective and flexible sliding guide system. It consists of sturdy, anodized aluminum. With its compact dimensions, 22 mm height and 28 mm width, the linear unit SLN-27 is particularly suitable for confined spaces. Due to the plastic plain bearings in the spindle bearings and guide carriages, the system is completely lubricant-free and maintenance-free.

"At the Motek, we are putting the miniature linear axis in combination with our new ones Dryspin coarse threads in front. The Drylin SLN-27 is not only small, light and flat, but also fast with one turn of 25 millimeters, "says Stefan Niermann, head of the business unit Drylin linear and drive technology the Igus GmbH. Thus, the miniature linear axis is also suitable for fast handling and positioning tasks. For dynamic motion profiles and a low-backlash, the spindles can also be ball-bearing. The effective tilting clearance of the guide carriage can be adjusted with four adjusting screws. The feed takes place via a spindle with a diameter of 6,35 mm. The five pitch variants 0,8, 2,54, 5,08, 12,7 and 25,4 mm of the coarse thread are available. With a basis weight of only 60 g, the linear axis is one of the lightweights of powered linear guide systems. Even with the maximum stroke length of 250 mm, the miniature actuator only adds 160 g to the scale. If the axis is supplied in combination with a NEMA 11 stepper motor, the external dimensions are still compact 28 x 28 mm.

The portfolio also includes DC motors with or without a radial kit. Optionally, other engines can be connected quickly and easily via a motor flange. The entire modular system of the Drylin SLN-27 miniature axles includes three different slide variants - from the low-priced beginner's model, to slides with manual clearance and height adjustment, to the precisely adjustable trolley with preload function - as well as five different inclines and three engine variants.
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