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ief0116IEF Werner has developed a compact and highly dynamic unit with the "Minispin" series, with which components with a weight of up to 20 g can be handled very quickly. Typical pick & place tasks, which are common in the watch, glass or electrical industry as well as in precision mechanics, can be implemented with a total cycle time of 240 ms.

The base of the Minispin forms a lever arm attached to the drive shaft of the engine-gearbox combination. At its end a quill is screwed to a rotatably mounted interface. In the basic version, this quill is forcibly guided by a toothed belt. Thus, it is always aligned vertically during the rotation of the lever arm. The lever arm can be operated via a pneumatically operated rotary distributor with vacuum or compressed air. This allows the user to attach both a suction and a pneumatic parallel gripper to the quill. The lines for the media are integrated in the lever arm. The grippers are designed according to customer specifications. The gripper reliably detects the components so that it can be equipped with special vacuum switches or quick-acting valves. Due to the modular design, the handling unit can be mounted upside down or in mirror image.

The Minispin plus version is equipped with a second servo motor that drives the quill. This allows them to be freely and independently positioned - while the lever arm rotates. For example, the additional degree of freedom allows the unit to remove a component from the pallet and rotate it into position during movement for camera inspection. A backlash-free planetary gear ensures high positioning rigidity. In the technical design, the developers have placed much emphasis on the control ratio between external mass and moment of inertia. This avoids overshooting of the lever arm in the transfer positions.

The series is equipped with highly dynamic servomotors with absolute value encoders. An additional sensor for reference point detection is not required. To prevent the lever arm from sinking when de-energized, the motors are equipped with holding brakes. Only a cable with quick release system provides them with all functions. The servomotors are also extremely energy efficient: in continuous operation, maximum 60 W drive power is required.
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