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Positioning EHT / EHK 80 von Bahr module technology transforms the rotational movement of the spindle drive in the linear feed of the pressure tube. The high precision of dynamic and static axial forces of up to 2500 3000 or N the stroke axis is very well suited for metering and control applications. In the spindle user between left- and right-handed trapezoidal or ball screw spindles with repeatability of ± 0,2 0,025 mm or ± can choose.

In addition, the spindles are available in standard versions or with multi-thread threads and the gradients 5 or 10. The standard axial clearance of the ball screw of 0,04 mm can be eliminated completely by pre-tensioning. Far-reaching adjustments and optimizations for customer-specific applications are possible. The stroke axes can be selected with millimeter precision in any desired length between 80 and 1500 mm.

Hardened and polished piston rods by deep drilling made by the manufacturer from all round materials. Corrosion-resistant components, stainless steel screws and piston rods in the required grade of steel ensure long-lasting functionality even in applications with highly corrosive media or in extreme climatic conditions.
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