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tecnotion0315Often one connects with the keyword Linear motor small, dynamic drives for applications in high-tech industries. But there are also suitable linear motors for true power, such as the TBW series of the direct drive specialist Tecnotion. The TBW series is equipped with water cooling channels that allow a closed cooling circuit in the coil unit, thus reducing the heat dissipation into the machine design.

With water cooling, the largest engine in the series comes with a continuous power of 3000 N and a short-term maximum power of even 6750N. Despite the high forces, the drives with a height of motor and magnetic plate of only 47 mm are very compact and can thus also be integrated in constructions with little space available. Also with regard to the attractive forces between coil part and magnetic disk, the motors can score, since these forces are relatively low. This also reduces the demands on the guidance system. Like all iron-powered direct drives, even the largest linear motors of the manufacturer are characterized by very low cogging torques, which leads to a very good synchronization.

In addition, the motors are easily controlled by all common controls, so that a coupling of two motors is easily possible, resulting in a doubling of the available forces. Application possibilities are tool or processing machines of all kinds which require higher continuous forces or short-term very high maximum forces.
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