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systec0215The sleek, three-axle "Driveset M301" is the 140. Driveset, the Systec in theirs Select Expert has set. The particularly cost-effective space portal is designed for movement tasks in the simple performance range: Speed ​​class: 0,1 m / s, Load class: 1 kg, Repeat accuracy class: 0,4 mm. The tri-axle machine will be of particular interest to users who are planning automated measurement and test applications.

Among other things, the M301 drive set is well suited for positioning sensors in the room, handling test items from one test station to the next, or testing the functionality of consumer electronics. With travels from 160 x 160 x 160 to max. 1000 x 630 x 320 mm covers the common workspaces in the simple performance range.

Users who need more speed, load capacity, or repeatability can search the Drivesets Selection Wizard. This makes the products tailor-made - saving time and money at the click of a mouse, without the need for elaborate design work. For example, the M307 is faster, while the M327 has higher payload and repeatability.
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