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With the Linear actuator "SCA11-XI"Dunkermotoren as a pioneer in the field of electric motors with integrated electronics for the first time a linear actuator with integrated control and power electronics before. This place linear direct drives her final image as exotics in the drive technology and become easy to handle and easy to integrate with the linear motor actuators typical high dynamics and good controllability.

The motors are particularly suitable for applications where a simple linear movement to be running and the user does not want to deal with mechanical and electrical interfaces. Mechanically can attach the SCA11-XI on executed in the primary unit standard machine thread. The slide bearing for the magnetic rod is already integrated. The base variant of the actuator is controlled via digital inputs and moves to positions that are previously configured through a simple software. The time for design-in and commissioning are reduced to an absolute minimum.

The SCA11-XI linear actuators are optionally available with integrated CAN open-, Profibus or EtherCAT interface. So that they can be connected directly without a gateway or additional I / O controllers Gerätean different manufacturers, find the standard in automation technology use. The protected to IP65 actuator SCA11-XI can accelerate its magnetic rod with up to 422 m / s and reaches a top speed in other configurations of 5,6 m / s. The positioning is done using the integrated encoder with an absolute accuracy of ± 350 microns and a repeatability of ± 12 microns.
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