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eep-werner0414IEF Werner has with the series "Euro Line "direct drives in the program, who work extremely fast and accurate. Because the units integrate a linear motor, a position measuring system and a guide, the user receives a turnkey solution that requires little effort for construction and installation. There can be multiple independent slide mount on a guide and thus construct space-saving systems. With different sled variants and Hubgrößen the user can use these series for different tasks.

If high demands are placed on compactness, dynamics, speed and positioning and repeat accuracy, direct drives clearly show their advantages. They are mainly used in handling and assembly technology as well as in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. Due to the high accuracy, they are also often used for measurement and testing tasks. The versions of the Euroline series are suitable for dynamic and highly precise applications.

The Euroline 32 KLA version is equipped with an ironless linear motor and an optical, incremental displacement measuring system. It is suitable for fast movements with its good response and runs extremely quietly. The speed is up to 5 m / s, the repeatability ± 0,003 mm. The maximum force this unit achieves is 132 N. strokes up to 1662 mm are available. It is also available as a vertically operated version with a stroke up to 189 mm. The types 120 and 170 are equipped with an iron-bearing linear motor and an optical absolute value measuring system. This eliminates the need for referencing. Due to the higher feed forces up to 800 N, they are also suitable for higher loads.

The use of LM block carriages and front attachment lubricants results in 10.000 km mileage without relubrication. The Euroline 120 standard has a stroke up to 3714 mm, the repeat accuracy is ± 0,005 mm and the speed up to 5 m / s. It can also be equipped with a long-sleigh. The stroke in this design extends to 3616 millimeters. The Euroline 170 is also available as standard version and with long slides. Depending on the version, the speed is up to 4 m / s. The strokes go up to 3275 mm.
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