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Hubzylinder180% less CO2-Emissions and power save electromechanical lifting cylinders over hydraulically or pneumatically driven linear units. Not only do they eliminate all the components needed for print media, they also save space and maintain a consistent force, as the loss of print media does not occur at all. Tsubaki has a broad portfolio of electromechanical lifting cylinders for a wide variety of requirements.

Electromechanical lifting cylinders are used wherever push and pull movements have to be realized, as is the case when lifting, opening or turning components or loads. The electromechanical lifting cylinders of the T series are used, for example, for the handling of bulk materials. Here, when discharging the bulk material, a plate controlled by a cylinder is used for uniform distribution and metering. Also, the loading of trucks reflects a typical application: Here, a valve is opened by an electromechanical lifting cylinder and closed again.

The broad portfolio is designed for indoor and outdoor use with low or high power requirements and speeds, and is designed in special constructive designs. The T-series includes powerful lifting cylinders for forces from 2,45 to 313 kN for strokes from 200 to 2000 mm. For precise movement, the T-Series combines a ball screw and a helical gear driven by an AC motor. The combination of ball screw and helical gear allows for lower power operation than would be the case with hydraulic or pneumatic systems. In addition, the integrated braking system does not consume power when the cylinder is holding a load.

Two limit switch variants are available for position control: an external version that allows easy positioning at both ends or in the middle, and an internal version that protects the system in a housing in an aggressive environment. However, some applications not only require protection against aggressive environmental conditions but also against unexpectedly high loads. For such situations, the electromechanical lifting cylinders are equipped as standard with an overload protection system which reacts equally to pressure and tension.
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