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A drive

For the implementation of decentralized drive concepts, two models of the GSM series from A-Drive now equipped with integrated servo controllers. Speed, torque and position can be adjusted with the DIS-2 controllers mounted directly on the cylinders. Point-to-point positioning is just as possible as the departure of defined paths. Sequence control and braking resistor are also integrated.

The drive is connected to I / O or RS232 interfaces as well as various fieldbuses via the EMC-optimized metal circular connectors. As standard, CANopen is available, in addition Profibus, EtherCAT and Ethernet are possible. The operation of several axes in the network is possible without long BUS lines. In addition to the positioning capability, the control characteristics are among the major advantages of electric drives, and the integration of the DIS servo drives increases this advantage.

The linear positioning cylinder GSM consists of a patented planetary roller screw drive and an AC servo motor integrated into the compact housing. It is very well suited for use in mechanical engineering. Particularly outstanding is the life, which is two to three times higher than with ball screws, the extremely compact design with maximum forces and the previously unattainable rigidity of the drive, especially for precision tasks. The inverted planetary roller screw drive is a special feature of the A-Drive actuating cylinder. It is the reason for the high power density of these actuators, thanks to which they can be used as an alternative to fluid drives. Between mother and spindle a certain number of thread rolls is evenly distributed over the circumference. When the nut is rotated, the rollers make a planetary motion around the spindle. The threads of the spindle and rollers have the same pitch angle, which keeps the rollers always the same axial position to the spindle. This design allows extremely compact volumes and a design with a smooth piston rod. In addition, a seal on the end shield protects the piston rod, allowing it to be used in harsh environments.

A segmented stator with the new T-LAM technology and the 8 pole motor design deliver an 35% increased torque with the same dimensions. The stator design provides the best winding isolation for safe operation even with 650 VDC DC link voltage.

The GSM with integrated servo drive is available in the sizes 20 and 30. Depending on the model, there are three spindle pitches (2,54, 5,08 and 12,7 mm / U) and stroke lengths between 76 and 457 mm. The traversing speed reaches up to 846 mm / s, and the maximum rated forces are 409 N to 5992 N. As encoder systems 2-pole resolvers, absolute encoders and optical encoders can be used.

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