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Laser20000214neuControl Hall 1, 1602 Stand

The combination of serial and parallel kinematic axes next to the highest possible precision and dynamics of the Hexapod of laser 2000 very flexible. This new approach is thus clearly superior with small dimensions any normal Hexapod. The systems consist of three standard components, such as the XY-axis, a tripod, and an axis of rotation.

Each axis is equipped with stepper motors. Depending on the application, these open or closed loop can be operated. Rotary and linear encoders are available as encoders for the closed loop.

With the optional controllers it is possible to perform a precise vectorial control in forward and backward motion. It is also possible to perform complex operations such as pivot point adjustment or a shift of the coordinate system. The sometimes imprecise motion principle of classical hexapods can be avoided.

The XY travel ranges from 50 to 300 mm. The Z-Hub can be selected from 6 to 106 mm. The tilt angles around the XY-axis range from ± 3 to ± 30 or 360 ° around the Z-axis. Loads of up to 15 kg can be moved. Even over-head operation is easily possible.
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