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Rose0913Motek Hall 3, 3330 Stand

RK Rose + Krieger shows the recently completed by the size 60 family of "Duoline" toothed belt axes. Thus, the spindle and belt driven linear axes are now each in four sizes 60, 80, and 120 160 available. The screw driven axles are required with a trapezoidal screw or applications for the highest precision available with ball screw drive.

The ballscrew duolines are equipped with a revolving spindle support, which ensures smoother operation even at high speeds and extends the service life of the axle. The toothed belt driven units score with a variable motor connection and thus with a subsequently changeable configuration of the motor connection with respect to position and coupling type. The latter optimally implements the comparatively high drive rigidity of the duolines, especially in dynamic applications. Both types of drive are available in the Protect version (IP40 protection) with a steel band cover and as Duoline Safelock with the integrated Safelock holding system. The safety system keeps gravitationally loaded linear units in vertical or oblique arrangement absolutely reliable and permanently prevents the unwanted sinking of the vertical axis over all life cycles of the the vertical axis over all life cycles of the linear guide.

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