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hiwin1012Motek Hall 5, 5501 Stand

Hiwin is expanding his Linear motor series LMF with the types LMF51 to LMF64L, These supplement the previous models with higher forces. This means that the series can now handle all requirements from small pick & place applications to linear axes in large milling machines. With continuous forces from 100 to 7000 N as well as peak forces between 340 and 12.670 N, the LMF units offer high dynamics and accuracy with a high power density.

The three-phase, iron-core linear motors basically consist of a primary section (forcer) with a wound laminated core and integrated water cooling and a secondary section with permanent magnets (stator). The water cooling dissipates heat from the processing room and increases the continuous forces by up to 50%.

By default, there is the stator with sheet metal cover. On request it is also available in a vibration- and oil-resistant version with epoxy resin encapsulated maglevs. There is also an optional, maximum 3 m long stainless steel cover, which protects the stator sufficiently even in harsh environments. The combination of several stators makes it possible to realize long travels, depending on the application requirements. Due to a special arrangement of the permanent magnets, the cogging torque has been reduced to a minimum, so that the motors ensure good synchronization properties. They are CE and UL certified and can therefore be used practically anywhere in the world.

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