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Zimm presents with his screw jacks many possibilities to realize electromechanical adjustments. There are innovations, for example, in the "Z series" and "GSZ series" linear actuators. However, the highlight of the trade fair appearance are the screw jacks with ball screw spindles up to 1000 kN payload.

The screw jacks with ball screw spindles have been greatly expanded. They are available in a rotating and a standing version. The series is now available for spindle diameters up to 160 mm, gradients up to 80 mm and load ratings up to 1000 kN. High loads can be operated with much smaller drive and less heat generation. The previous limits such as stroke speed and duty cycle could be broken many times. The whole system is protected by the lower torques and extends the service life.

The Z-Series modular system includes standard 12 sizes from 5 to 1000 kN in the "stationary spindle" and "rotating spindle" versions in two reduction ratios each. The Z-series screw jacks are very compact in relation to the above-mentioned performances, and the housing construction offers many possibilities for installation or mounting. The separate lubrication system improves the maintenance and longevity of these transmissions.

In some applications and industries, such as the food industry, there has been a desire for a smooth housing surface that is easy to clean. Accordingly, the manufacturer has developed a smooth housing in the preferred dimensions, incorporating the improved Z-series technology. The GSZ transmission series is suitable for a lifting load from 2,5 to 100 kN. The gearboxes are available in standing or rotating versions as well as in two reduction gears each.

The latest series of lifting gear can be conveniently and cleanly maintained. The spindle lubrication can be carried out during operation by simply attaching a grease gun to the filling nipple and pressing in the spindle grease. So the fat comes exactly to the right place. The right spindle grease is offered at the same time. The gearbox itself is sealed and lubricated for life during normal operation. The separate lubrication system is decisively responsible for the high performance of the screw jack. Another advantage of the Z and GSZ series is the standard corrosion protection.

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