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Tsubaki0812The ZIP-chains of ZIP-chains working on the zipper principle Tsubaki There is now a built-in linear actuator. This makes space problems a thing of the past, especially in built-in applications. The patent-pending chain technology is unique in that it also functions as a push-pull chain and how a zipper connects or releases two chains.

Built in a linear actuator, the ZIP chain offers significant advantages compared to conventional linear drives:

An essential feature is the small footprint, because the chain disappears completely in the chain memory, while compressed air or hydraulic cylinders space for the fixed cylinder is needed.

Compared to spindle drives and compressed air or hydraulic cylinders with, for example, 18 m / min, the ZIP chain linear drive allows high-speed operation of 36 m / min. In terms of energy efficiency, depending on the application, the linear drive offers less than 1 / 30 power consumption compared to operation with hydraulically operated cylinders. With special sprockets, the ZIP chain drive even achieves 90% efficiency. It meets the high environmental standards of Subaki Group and is marked with the Eco Link logo.

The ZIP chain can be stopped by stopping the motor rotation at any point. The mounting direction also allows great user flexibility: The ZIP chain linear drive can be installed vertically, horizontally or vertically.

Some special versions are, for example, the version with a long stroke, as a hanging base unit. Likewise, variants have already been implemented with the input shaft on the opposite side or with hypoid gear.

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