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siko0712By "Drive Line "actuator AG05 now offers Siko three cultivation-compatible solutions with different levels of automation for format adjustment in mechanical engineering. Depending on the machine concept, adjustment frequency and process reliability, tailor-made products for manual, monitored or fully automated spindle positioning are now available.

The mechanical digital position indicators DA04 and DA09S are suitable for basic machines with manual adjustment. During the monitored manual adjustment with the electronic position indicator AP04, a setpoint value is transferred from a controller to the display. A setpoint / actual comparison with optical status display supports the machine operator during the format change. At the same time, feedback is sent to the controller via the actual value and a correctly set axis.

With only a few format changes per day, the use of fieldbus compact actuators for automatic format adjustment is worthwhile. By minimizing the adjustment time, process optimization and increased productivity are achieved. The integration into various fieldbus or Ethernet systems is guaranteed.

The position indicators DA09S, AP04 and the compact actuator AG05 are mount compatible and thus interchangeable and mechanically interchangeable. The machine manufacturer can thus individually adjust the degree of automation of the machine, depending on the customer's requirements.

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