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igus0612Igus is gradually expanding the range of motors introduced for its linear axes, introduced a year ago, and now offers new ready-to-install combinations of motor and linear unit for use under water or in a vacuum. The growing "Drylin "-Linearachsen program and the right motors provide designers with drive solutions for almost every application, which must be lubrication-free. Specially developed motor kits make it easier to connect the motors to the linear axes.

Drylin ZLW toothed belt axes with freely selectable stroke length have been developed for positioning small loads. A special underwater timing belt axle with PU timing belt (ZLW-1040-UW) can now be used in combination with the new 2 hybrid underwater stepper motor (NEMA 23) up to 10 m depth. The motor meets protection class IP 68. With a special coating, it is protected against corrosion in the long term. Its tightness is guaranteed up to 1 bar, the permissible motor surface temperature ranges from -30 ° to + 80 ° C. In addition to underwater use indoors or outdoors, applications are also conceivable in which the units are often cleaned with water, as in the food industry. For format adjustments, the underwater motor can alternatively also be connected to the spindle linear axis SLW-ESJ-1040 - made entirely of stainless steel.

In semiconductor manufacturing or metrology, automation components are often used in a vacuum. In order to function reliably under these conditions and not to contaminate the vacuum, linear units must be lubrication-free, low-wear and corrosion-free. A combination of spindle-driven stainless steel linear axes (for example SLW-ESX-1040) and the new vacuum-capable (fine vacuum to 10 ^ -3 mbar) Nema 23 motor is suitable for this. The stepper motor is radiation resistant up to 10 J / kg, its housing is made of stainless steel, and the permissible motor surface temperature is -20 ° to + 80 ° C.

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