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misumi0512With the new belt conveyors offers Misumi The right part feeder for every application. The single-track and two-track belt conveyors with head, center or integrated drive are available in lengths from 190 to 6000 mm and widths from 30 to 500 mm. The belt width is configurable in 10-mm increments, the length in 5-mm increments. The engine output ranges from 6 to 90 W.

For the belts, the customer can choose between elastomer, stainless steel or synchronous belts and a range of accessories such as stands, guide rails, transfer rollers and plastic chains as well as flat and synchronous belts. So he can put together exactly the belt conveyor, which he needs for his special application. Depending on the version, the delivery times for the belt conveyors are between 13 and 17 working days.

The selection of the suitable conveyor takes place online on the website of the provider with the entry of the funding conditions. On the basis of the information provided here, the system offers a list of eligible belt conveyors and the corresponding 2D / 3D CAD data for download. The e-Catalog also allows the user to check and compare the engine characteristics and weight of each belt conveyor. Two videos explain how to change the belt.

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