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The conversion and optimum adaptation of the mechanical torques to the particular application is usually carried out by means of finely graduated reduction gears in rotary drive tasks. With the Ball screws BS 32-2.0 series From Faulhaber, the rotational movement of micromotors in linear lifting or pulling movements with the least path fluctuations of less than 5 microns over the absolute travel can be implemented.

The combination with motors and add-on components such as high-resolution encoders or integrated motion controllers guarantees maximum precision. As a result, the spindles are very well suited for demanding positioning tasks in optical filters, fiber optic technology, lens adjustment in optical systems or micro actuators for medical technology.

The mechanical connection to the motors is realized with the backlash-free coupling integrated in the spindle. For applications in special applications numerous modifications such as variable spindle lengths, adapted spindle nuts or special lubricants are available on request.

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