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rollon0112Individually powerful, combined with multi-axis systems, they handle a variety of handling tasks accurately and quickly. Rollon presents under the name "Actuatorline" a new program consisting of different profiles, guidance systems and drive elements. With the coordinated axes, many different combinations are possible as multi-axis systems: can be assembled from eleven series with 40 sizes and more than 100 product variants.

For high dynamics, high loads and high cycle times, the series of the "Plus" family are suitable. Belt-driven linear modules are equipped with preloaded recirculating ball bearings or eccentrically mounted rollers and are also suitable for dirty applications thanks to special seals. This includes the "ELM" series, which is the cornerstone of the axle program. It is based on a square aluminum profile and features a large range of accessories.

As a transverse axis for portals is the series "Robot", which has a sufficiently high inherent rigidity with two parallel guides and a rectangular profile. Furthermore, this series can be used without additional support as a boom axis. The largest of the four robot profiles measures 220 x 110 mm. Using two belts it is also possible to move two carriages independently on one robot axis so that two tasks are performed on one axis. While a driven carriage picks up a component and positions it in the processing station, a second one brings the previously processed part into the removal station. For such applications usually rack or linear motor drives are used. In the case of rack drives, however, the motor / gearbox combination must be traversed, which has the disadvantage that the mass to be moved increases and two energy chains (power and signal cables) are required for the motor supply. This means an additional effort in procurement and assembly. Linear motor drives are mostly used for applications with higher positioning accuracies. Also for this variant additional energy chains with appropriate cables are required.

Corrosion-resistant variants with stainless steel elements or special coatings allow their use in the food industry. The "ECO" series dispenses with details not required for certain applications and thus achieves a particularly good price-performance ratio. At the same time, the belt serves as a cover and accordingly the application areas have to be selected. This type is suitable for medium loads and clean environments. For the "ONE" series only materials with low emission and abrasion values ​​are used. To minimize contamination of the environment by particles from the axles, a vacuum is created inside the guide, allowing for use in 3 class cleanrooms according to ISO 14644-1.

Three axes with ball screws cover the high-precision applications. The "TV" series is equipped with a recirculating ball guide, the type "TT" with two parallel. The carriage of the "TK" series also acts as a carriage and as a nut for the screw drive. In this case no additional guide rail is needed because the raceways for the rotating balls are integrated directly in the carrier profile.

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