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SMC pneumaticsThe card motors of the series LAT3 of SMC Pneumatics are compact, lightweight and powerful. They carry and position loads precisely and quickly - with up to 500 cycles per minute. The EC cards of the new series of linear motors are used in position, push and measurement applications, for example in medical technology, biotechnology, analytical technology or in mechanical engineering.

The new LAT3 card motors from SMC Pneumatik are very flat with a height of 9 mm and very lightweight, starting from 130 g. They move loads horizontally from 50 to 500 g and vertically to 100 g at a maximum speed of 400 mm / s. Its thrust ranges from 1 to 5 N - pushing up to 6 N when applying pre-defined forces on an object. The new series transports and positions loads highly accurately with a repeat accuracy of ± 5 μm. The linear motors operate quietly with a high operating frequency of up to 500 cycles / min.

The LATC-W1 software makes it easy to program Card motors with three parameters: target position, travel time and workpiece weight. A multi-counter (CEU5) also displays the current table position. The LAT3 series combines the linear guide, the linear motor and the position sensor.

The new Card Motors LAT3 series are suitable for position, push and measurement applications in various fields such as medical technology, biotechnology, analysis technology and mechanical engineering. For example, they position optics or move loads in packaging processes, raise and lower samples or move dispensing systems. In addition, the LAT3 series linear motors can apply defined forces to a product, for example for material testing in the course of quality assurance.

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