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With ironless motor winding, it brings the new Linear motor system LMS 2.IL from KML to a higher power by one order of magnitude. Thus, the new development in modular design of the demand for more and more synchronization quality of drive technology, especially in the electronics industry, metrology and camera work, fair, which can not be achieved with the precision of commercially available linear motor systems.

This ironless linear motor system combines highest synchronization accuracy with the cost advantages of a modular system. The system has an 15% lower moving mass and provides a more accurate 10 than the synchronized iron-coated members of the same product family.

Even so far, the LMS 2 series of KML standard linear motor systems has been regarded as a highly dynamic and extremely precise option for moving and positioning small to medium-sized loads. The use of powerful iron-cored linear motors ensures a high power density, but also limits the synchronization quality. As with all motors with windings around an iron core, the movement has a certain speed ripple, the so-called cogging.

Cogging is eliminated by constructing motor coils without an iron core. However, linear motor systems constructed in this way have hitherto been very expensive, not least because of the usually limited quantities. The LMS 2.IL is manufactured using high-volume parts of the LMS 2 series. That's why LMS 2.IL is also available at short notice, and is available right from the start in numerous construction variants, with different position measuring systems and a wide range of accessories.

In addition, by the same form factor without structural change, the optional use of the iron-coated or ironless design possible, so that mechanical engineers can offer variants of the same design with different synchronization quality for similar applications without additional effort.

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