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montratecMotek Hall 1, 1328 Stand

Montratec showcases its new generation shuttle as well as the use of its Monorail transport system Montrac, The fast shuttle is suitable for use especially in large intralogistics projects. The shuttle is equipped with a more powerful processor than the previous one. Now there is the possibility to perform wireless communication and additional functions directly on the shuttle. At the Motek, the new products are staged in an impressive way.

The shuttle can travel up to 60 m / min (optional to 90 m / min) and carry heavy weights. So far, speeds of 30 m / min and a payload of 28 kg were possible. At Motek, visitors will be able to see the way the Montrac transport system works differently: at a bar, guests can order drinks with a touch panel, which are served by the Montrac transport system. This application demonstrates the Montrac features such as smooth transport and direct control of the desired receiver station with the Chaos Technology.

Montrac guarantees the user flexibility, for example, in terms of setup and conversion as well as extensions, adaptation to space and modular, compatible components. The reliable transport system runs trouble-free, as each shuttle can be removed from the production process in one go without stopping the system. The continuous power transmission guarantees that the shuttles never get left behind during the journey. The only active components of a Montrac system are the shuttles and switches. The shuttle is designed so that it is generally maintenance-free; the monorail is always functional as a passive element.

Montrac is operated entirely electrically, it eliminates costly pneumatic components and their connections. Power is supplied directly via the busbars, so that the system requires little or no wiring. Control effort is reduced or even completely unnecessary. An additional pantograph can be used to power workpieces on the shuttles while driving, for example to test them or to start operating systems.

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