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festoFesto's ELGG electric timing belt axis synchronizes two carriages with just one toothed belt - driven by just one motor. Multiple tasks in one go are no problem for the fast axis. An additional torsional stiffness is provided by the optional center support. Thanks to them, the drive is also suitable for particularly long strokes.

The electric timing belt axis ELGG centers, separates, separates and spreads quickly and energy-efficiently. It opens doors every second and reliably handles various gripping tasks. The toothed belt axis is suitable for small parts assembly, such as the photovoltaic and flat panel industry, special and packaging machines as well as handling, transport and conveyor technology.

The simple and flexible construction saves weight and thus energy, reduces maintenance costs and installation effort. There is also a comprehensive range of accessories with versatile fastening elements, sensors and axial kits for Festo stepper motors and servomotors. In addition, the ELGG offers a lifetime of 5000 km.

The design of the ELGG is done with the software "Positioning Drives". Drive packages in stepper motor and servo technology matched to the axes guarantee fast selection and correct dimensioning. The slides can be moved with little wear either via a ball or sliding guide. It can be commissioned quickly and conveniently with the Configuration Tool FCT.

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