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eepMotek Hall 1, 1420 Stand

IEF Werner shows the adjustment slide system of the "Domiline" series. This allows the user to approach every imaginable position exactly. The "Profiline AL" positioning system, on the other hand, is suitable for handling small parts in assembly cells when space is limited and a lot of power is required. Another exhibit is the "Variostack" palletizing system. Due to its modular structure, this palletizer can be adapted to the respective task.

The manual adjustment unit Domiline is based on a modular adjustment slide, with which measuring cameras can be adjusted, focal nozzles focused or sensors moved. The system is available in the slide widths 30, 50, 80 and 120 mm and therefore covers a wide range of applications. It has a modular structure and can be easily converted. Based on this system, all axis configurations are possible - whether XY, XZ, XYZ or XYYY. For this, the carriages are simply mounted on top of each other. Rotary movements are realized with the rotary actuator type MDV for manual operation, which can be mounted on a slide. This position can be approached exactly and reproducibly. A novelty is the electronic positioning display. This can be used for both the rotary and the adjustment. The resolution is 0,01 mm for linear units, 0,1 ° for the rotary stage. As a result, it is possible, for example, to switch from the absolute value representation to the relative measurement system.

The positioning system Profiline AL is used for "pick and place" tasks of small parts. The spindle-driven unit is used when large forces are required with a small stroke and also high precision. It is possible to position components with weights up to 7 kg. The system is particularly suitable for mounting cells where space is limited as it has been developed as a boom or vertical axis. That is, the movable carriage sits directly on the Z-axis. Thus, no additional structure is needed. A gripper can be attached to the slide via a thread. This design ensures compact dimensions, low assembly costs, low weight and thus shorter cycle times.

The Variostack palletizing system can deliver blanks that are to be transported from the production line to the affiliated assembly line and feed them to the assembly line in a predefined position. After assembly, the palletizing system retrieves the finished parts from the assembly line. The palletizers are open and modular and can be easily adapted to any individual production.

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