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ADriveThe dynamic direct drive SGL from A drive Due to its design with only one guide (single guide linear unit) and the ironless linear motor used, it generates only little friction and at the same time works very precisely. SGL offers a high power density with respect to the moving mass with an acceleration up to 8 g and a maximum speed of 5 m / s. The drive moves up to 900 N. With these values, the unit is particularly suitable for handling tasks in semiconductor manufacturing, in labeling systems, test systems or industrial scanners and plotters.

The SGL is powered by a reverse play free linear motor with minimum cogging torque for a unique, uniform process. The SGL is designed with minimal friction for maximum precision and dynamics. The guide, the motor and the linear measuring system are completely enclosed. As a result, the use in clean room is possible, with a deviating from the standard version cover is used. Alternatively, a bellows cover is available as a special form to protect the mechanical components.

The non-contact encoder system from Renishaw enables resolutions of either 5, 1 and 0,1 μm without friction losses and reliable signal transmission with maximum accuracy. The encoder index pulse ensures precise homing. Combined with a mechanical accuracy of 10 μm in 300 mm stroke, the unit operates with high reproducible positional accuracy. Due to the compact design, only a small mass is moved, which, in addition to the low inertia of the ironless motor, favors the high traversing speeds of the SGL. The linear unit is available in the three sizes 80, 100 and 120. It enables effective stroke lengths up to 2.500 mm. The unit is characterized - also due to the minimal mechanical friction - by a quiet, quiet run.

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