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AlltecThe telescopic lifting column "Phoenix" from Alltec drive technology serves to adjust the height of workpieces in production and assembly in heavy machinery, the commercial vehicle industry and the aerospace industry. For particularly heavy lifting tasks, the "Phoenix-Heavy" was developed as an individual special version: Compared to the standard version with 25 kN lifting force, the new telescopic lifting column can now lift loads of up to 3,60 kN at a maximum travel speed of 130 m / min.

The Phoenix-Heavy demonstrates its strengths in off-center loads and manages loads of up to 500 kN with 78 mm reach. The maximum bending moment is 39.000 Nm. The telescopic lifting column has a honed, hard-chromed piston, a low-play sliding guide and a compact design. Thanks to its special stability and precision, it is not only suitable as a lifting tool in production and assembly, but also as a low-vibration drive for research facilities. The Phoenix-Heavy dispenses entirely with hydraulics and, as a purely mechanical system, can also be used very well in hygienically sensitive areas such as the food or pharmaceutical industry.

The drive system is available in one or two-stage design and is manufactured individually according to customer requirements. The lifting height and basic height are here as selectable as the individual speed and the arrangement of the engine. The installation method is also variable, because depending on the requirements of the field of application, the lifting column can be installed vertically, horizontally or upside down.

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