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igusFor the first time Igus its linear actuators with polymer sliding elements complete with motor ex works. The Nema0630 stepper motor was connected to the small, compact, extremely light and quiet "Drylin E SAW-17" linear axis. The aim of the company is to offer affordable, quickly deliverable complete solutions. The initially small, selected own motor program includes stepper motors of the sizes Nema17 and Nema23. The motors are optionally also available with encoder and / or brake.

Stepper motors are a good complement to the Drylin linear axes, because they are characterized by, precision and easy control. They work reliably in a wide variety of ambient conditions (depending on the selected degree of protection IP). Also guarantee the Nema standard good worldwide availability. The company attaches great importance to the fact that its drive units for lubricant-free linear movements are designed so that they can be easily driven with stepper motors from other manufacturers. To this end, igus offers its customers, if they already have an engine on site, an assembly-fast connection via an aluminum spacer and motor flange with Nema dimensions.

The linear axis Drylin E SAW-0630 with Nema17 motor is driven by a trapezoid or helical spindle. Numerous gradients from 1,5 to 15 mm are available (size 1040, also new: up to 50 mm). The threaded drive spindles are mounted with ball bearings. The drive nuts are made of tribologically optimized "Iglidur "-Hochleistungspolymeren and guarantee lubrication freedom over the entire stroke length. Almost all components used in the ready-to-install linear unit are made of plastic and aluminum, which makes the system extremely lightweight. This predestines "SAW-0630" for easy lubrication-free format adjustments, infeed movements and the handling of light components. The new driven axle is now available from stock in three to four days, in desired length, including engine.

The actual linear guide is based on the maintenance-free "Drylin W" system, which has been proven for many years and consists of a multi-part housing and a tribologically optimized polymer sliding film for very good friction and wear values. The design allows a flexible and modular construction and thus easy installation.

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