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rkThe presented Industriehubsäule Linear technology is designed for continuous operation, ie 100% duty cycle. It works with a ball screw and performs up to 650 double strokes per hour; with 500 mm stroke and a total life of one million strokes. With its lifting capacities and extraordinarily high travel speed of 180 mm / s, the industrial lifting column from Rose + Krieger RK is currently unique on the market. It absorbs pressure or tensile forces of 5000 N. Their torque support is 400 Nm. An additional torque recording is unnecessary, which significantly reduces the planning effort and opens up new design possibilities.

The RK industrial lifting column adopts the well-known design principles of linear technology. An optional connection of external AC motors - servo and three-phase current - is possible. This not only makes higher achievements possible. Warehousing and logistics of the customers is also simplified by the coupling of the lifting column with standard or already existing control and engine technology in the house. The overload indicator of the lifting column indicates immediately via diodes whether work is being carried out at the limit. Failures can be avoided in good time. A position indicator facilitates adjustment, adjustment and commissioning of the machine. Depending on the version, the positioning accuracy is up to 0,05 mm. An absolute position encoder can be installed optionally. The supplier sees future applications for their industrial lifting column, for example, in the delivery and height adjustment in general and special machine construction.

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