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eepThe less mass to move, the faster it goes. With this simple approach has IEF Werner launched a 2-axis positioning in two different models under the names 2 AL / AL and 15 2 / 16 to market. The special feature: In order to drive the Z-axis of the system, the engine is not carried, but it is mounted externally. Due to this reduction in weight can significantly improve the cycle times. To use the new concept is therefore everywhere must be positioned with high accelerations.

Automation applications, such as are used for example in medical, in microassembly or in the electrical industry demand, often specific, sometimes very demanding positioning. Required, for example, is a fast, precise positioning at maximum repeatability. The AL 2 / 15 and AL 2 / 16 Könen compared to other two-axis Cartesian positioning systems achieve significantly shorter cycle times. Leave it to the linear unit of the type module 55 ZOM, which assumes the Z motion. The engine is mounted on the linear unit. This provides significant weight savings - and enables much faster movement.

The drive unit is mounted externally on the side of the positioning system. Via a toothed belt, the force of the motor is deflected onto the module 55 ZOM and ensures the movement of the Z-axis. On a complex energy management system can be dispensed with, a simple robot hose is sufficient. This movement occurs when no cable wear and the structure of the system is time-and cost-saving.

With a maximum load of 4 kg, a maximum travel speed of the Z axis of 2 m / s with a repeatability of ± 0,05 mm is possible. The maximum operating range of the system is x 1500 460 mm. Activation is the positioning of the control PA-Control Smart and two servo amplifiers LV servoTEC S2. This control can with the CANopen bus to 16 motor axes are driven. The existing standard 12 inputs and outputs 8 can be extended via the CAN interface of virtually any. A touch-screen display can be connected to the controller via CANopen.

In applications where larger strokes or a cantilevered structure necessary variant AL 2 / 15 is preferred due to their high torsional stiffness of the AL 2 / 16. Because as the base body, which is used as the X axis, in this variant is the linear unit module 160 / 15 used. These tooth gear linear unit is characterized not only by compact machine dimensions, but especially by the high torque capacity to the carriage by two apart 80 mm arranged profile rail guides.

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