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wittensteinHigher feed forces, intelligent assembly concepts and potential for downsizing - these advantages are offered by the new ones High performance linear systems the Wittenstein alpha GmbH. With the new RP+ depends on the size of a doubling to tripling the performance possible. To emphasize the gearbox is the modified "alphenoInterface with eight mounting holes instead of previous 32. The decisive factor for this new compact and dynamic drive solution is the system competence of the company with regard to gearbox construction, gearing technology and design of the entire drive system.

Image: Axel Leidner, Head of Product Management, Wittenstein alpha GmbH

Because as the only manufacturer of linear drive systems in the world, the Igersheimer combine the three core competencies under one roof. Due to the intelligent combination of specifically developed drive technology and gearing, the High Perfomance system represents a high-quality mechatronic drive solution. The starting point for the development was the customer's demand to develop a standardized and modular rack and pinion system that can transmit much higher maximum feed forces.

Other requirements included higher power density and a simple assembly concept. Transmission side z. B. the permissible moments significantly increased to better control the resulting from the meshing of pinion and rack high forces and to increase the system rigidity, which in turn has a positive effect on the positioning accuracy. Optimum utilization of the core components gearbox, pinion and rack ensures maximum power density. The design concept impresses with its ease of assembly and modularity. For the first time in a system solution of this type, a delivery device was fully integrated into the transmission housing. As a result, the effort involved in the connection construction could be significantly reduced and a reliable and time-saving installation could be achieved.

Different output pinions are available for the gearbox, which are delivered factory-assembled. The drive specialist relies on a welding process that has proven its worth for several years, with which even small sprockets can be easily connected. In addition, the screw connection of the output pinions, which is extremely critical at high feed forces, is eliminated. Feed forces of up to 112 kN per drive, depending on the gearbox version, are possible.

The high performance system RP was developed+ for use in grinding machines, turning and portal milling machines, boring mills, laser, punching and tube bending machines, waterjet cutting machines, machining centers for wood-plastic composites and in general axes in automation technology. Compared to other pinion and rack-mounted servo gear units, the high-performance system in these applications offers significant advantages in terms of positioning accuracy, system rigidity, power density and feed force. These advantages allow for downsizing the entire drive system. The same feed forces are achieved in the high performance system with smaller gearheads, pinions and racks. If you do not use downsizing, the high performance system offers significantly more power reserves than a drive system that is comparable in terms of size. B. in existing applications, the overall performance can be significantly increased without much effort.

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