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IEFThe Positioning systems "Profiline" by IEF-Werner were equipped with Smartray camera systems at an automotive paver. This ensures that the weld seams of the vehicle components of an automotive supplier are safely checked before the next work step. In automated manufacturing, reliable knowledge about the quality of welds must be obtained during welding.

The results are mostly checked by the staff. However, modern image processing makes it possible to test seams fully automatically. Therefore, the car manufacturer opted for an automatic seam inspection.

The welded parts are transported on to the positioning system Profiline in the automation line for the next work steps. These systems have the task to bring parts that are mounted on workpiece carriers, for further processing in the desired position. The spindle-mounted positioning unit is designed to combine the characteristics of a linear axis with the characteristics of a precision carriage. These properties combine high strokes with high precision at high loads. Their machined aluminum profile with profiled rail guides results in a stiff guide system with high load capacities and high running accuracies. The cover by means of profile cover and sealing lip system enables a closed system without lifting loss. With the various spindle pitches, the positioning system can be optimally adapted to the application of the car manufacturer.

In order to check the weld seams during positioning for the next work step, the Profiline system is equipped with the flexible 3D "Weldvision 2000" measuring system from Smartray. It is a fully automatic in-line inspection system that is particularly precise and powerful. It checks the seam objectively and ensures that defective parts are removed. In addition, it determines the size and position of all relevant defects, such as pores, holes, penetration marks, seam volume, seam width, length and height, seam position and seam geometry in real time. All results are recorded in a log and are stored for later tracking. The seam quality is thus perfectly and completely documented. The acquired data forms the basis for process optimization as well as for manual and automatic reworking of the seam.

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