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Power JacksPower Jacks has now expanded its product range with a new range of screw jacks. The C series includes compact screw jacks in cubic housing with around 140 million standard configurations. It complements the existing high-performance series of the S series with screw jack gearboxes in cubic housing design and is structurally designed for a new variety of applications.

The special features of the C-series include two lead screw variants and two possible gear ratios for each stroke spindle size, an aluminum-bronze worm gear and optimum lubrication via two integrated systems. The gear housing is made of either highly durable nodular cast iron or aluminum and offers a sturdy casing for the wheelset, which sits firmly and precisely in a lubricant bath and thus meets the highest demands in industrial practice. The worm gear is a proven design from the manufacturer's range of screw jacks, with grease forced lubrication for the lead screw.

The standard components of the C-series are complemented by low-backlash and non-rotating versions as well as safety snap nut designs and are available in the four standard performance classes 10, 25, 50 and 100 kN. "The flexibility of the series is reflected in how the motor is mounted directly on the jackscrew, for example in the 10 kN performance class," explains Bruce Hamper, customer service and marketing manager at Power Jacks. "The C-Series is tough and adaptable and features a modern, edgy design. One of their key features is the versatility of the mounting options we use to give our customers the widest range of options available. The series is suitable for a large number of industrial applications and can be used individually or as part of a system with a wide variety of screw jack systems. "

"The C-Series is the answer to the market's need for new lifting spindles with very specific qualities and properties," explains Bruce Hamper. "It is based on the principles of our classic E-Series Lifting Spindle, a proven and established product line in the market, and is the final step in the evolution of our product offering. We have translated these principles into the cubic shape of the new C-Series, which we believe will give the market a fresh impetus. "

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