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LMSHaving recently the pick & place Linear motor system LMS M equipped with an absolute length measuring system, this is now also for LMS E2 available. In addition, Linear Motion Technology GmbH offers a variant with a base plate that optimally complements the self-supporting design. Efficiency squared - with LMS E2 For more than a year now, KML, based in Vienna, has been offering a linear motor system that allows customers to benefit in particular from their high acceleration values, accuracy and freedom from maintenance.

With LMS E2 it is possible to replace toothed belt and ball screw axles without additional costs. The advantages are obvious: the linear motors score significantly better than other drive solutions as both timing belts and screw drives reach their mechanical / physical limits beyond a certain dynamic range. "Freedom from maintenance has also contributed significantly to the demand for LMS E2internationally very positively developed ", confirms Werner Uibeleis, technical director with KML. In fact, in contrast to toothed belt axes, the tensioning of the toothed belt or the lubrication that is required regularly for ball screw axes are spared.

The LMS E2 has now been equipped with an optional absolute length measuring system. The greatest advantage of the inductive and thus maintenance-free and very robust absolute length measuring system is that after a standstill of the system - for example, due to an emergency stop - for re-commissioning no reference travel of the linear motor system is required. This saves crucial time, because in typical applications of this linear motor system, the time pressure is high - and plant downtime cost money. The integrated absolute length measuring system now allows an immediate reboot.

A comparative study between an LMS E² and a conventional drive axle has shown that the operating costs are about 36% higher in 100 months than in a LMS E². In absolute terms, this means 900 €. The direct drive technology of the LMS E² series also offers very high efficiency and thus almost constant energy consumption. In contrast, conventional drive solutions have several components of influence due to the required components, which reduce the efficiency. Over an average operating time, the energy consumption of the LMS E² series decreases by 20%.

LMS E2 is predestined to move light to medium loads highly dynamically - without sacrificing high repeatability. For certain applications, the manufacturer has in addition to the self-supporting rigid version, also a version with base plate in the program. Users now benefit from even greater flexibility in the design of XY stage and gantry systems. Multi-axis systems are available with LMS E2 now easier and faster to implement.

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