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For precise, low-noise travel, Bahr Modultechnik now offers its positioning systems from the ML series in the new one MLN 60 (S) variant with knobbed belt drive on. The self-guiding 30 mm wide drive belt is made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane, was made with reinforcing steel cord pull strands and ensures low-wear operation with constant belt tension.

The new drive unit with offset knobs eliminates the need for flanged wheels and minimizes running noise through almost vibration-free transitions. Due to the harmonious engagement behavior, the nub arrangement compensating for the backlash, a high degree of tracking safety is achieved. This enables particularly exact positioning of the guide carriage in both directions.

Positioning system with adjustable castors

The guide carriage is moved along the integrated guide shaft by means of four easily adjustable rollers. With this drive and guide concept, the positioning systems achieve a repeat accuracy of ± 0,1 mm. For installation in any installation position, Bahr also supplies the ML positioning units in the MLZ model variant with an HTD toothed belt that is guided in the profile and reinforced with steel mesh. Coupling claws for connecting all common motors as well as the easily accessible tensioning device are attached to the deflections of toothed or knobbed belts on both sides. The profiles can be easily combined with other linear axes using T-slots to form complex system structures.

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