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rollon1019The linear axes of "Tecline"Series has Rollon specially designed for the efficient handling of heavy workpieces. They are extremely resilient and highly dynamic. This makes them suitable for bridging long strokes and for use in polluted working environments.

The linear units of Tecline from the "Actuator Line"Have a self-supporting profile of extruded, anodized and hardened aluminum and are equipped with a double guide system and a Zanhstangenantrieb. Achieve speeds of 3,5 m / s and accelerations of 10 m / s2, ensuring accurate, fast and quiet operation of loads up to 2000 kg.

The Tecline utilizes helical, hardened racks with ground teeth. The travel path of an axis profile is a maximum of 10.800 mm. Longer distances can be bridged by connecting several profiles. With a repeat accuracy of ± 0,05 mm, the modular linear units also provide the necessary precision for millimeter positioning tasks.

The heavy-duty axles are maintenance-friendly, have a long service life and run quietly even in polluted environments. Thanks to the simple and quick installation, the construction of multi-axis systems such as pick-and-place modules is done in no time at all. There is a large selection of profile sizes up to 360 mm available. Depending on the application, there are components with prismatic roller guides (type PAR) or recirculating ball bearings (type PAS). Several carriages can be operated independently of each other.

The prismatic track rollers or profile rail guides are suitable for robotics, palletizing, production lines as well as logistics and production of machines with axis movements in Cartesian space.

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  • Rollon has specially designed the linear axes of the "Tecline" series for the efficient handling of heavy workpieces. They are extremely resilient and highly dynamic. This makes them suitable for bridging long strokes and for use in dirty work environments.
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