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tretter1019In certain applications are Lead Screws compared to the more precise ones Ball Screws a very economical alternative. Dr. Tretter has now included it in its broad product portfolio and covers a very wide diameter and pitch range with these components.

Trapezoidal screws consist of the trapezoidal thread spindle and a trapezoidal thread nut. By rolling the trapezoidal threaded spindle can achieve a high strength. In addition, if the thread flanks have a high surface quality, the unit achieves extraordinarily good running properties.

They are used, among other things, in machine tools, CNC technology or feed, automation or handling units. Designers also use them efficiently with manual adjustment units. Another advantage is the small footprint of trapezoidal screws.

The quality supplier specializes in the end machining of the screw drive according to customer drawings for small or large quantities. The standard length is 3 m, the maximum length is 6 m. The expertise of the provider lies above all in the cost-effective processing of small and medium quantities. Upon request, special materials and special surface treatments are possible.

The connection of a trapezoidal threaded spindle to the drive pin of an engine or transmission is usually not rigid, but via a flexible coupling. This can compensate for center misalignment or misalignment and minimize vibration and shock in the drive train.

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