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Kammerer threading technology has Ball Screws designed with cooled nut for use in machine tools. The cooled nut allows easier cooling of the ball screw. This improves the accuracy and life of the ball screws sustainably and allows higher speeds and precision in the machine tools.

The material selection of the installed components was optimized with regard to the thermal properties. The thermosymmetrical construction of the components as well as the thermal decoupling were considered. The cooling of the axes and machine is variably adjustable. The spring-loaded stretching of the ball screws and the cooling hole in the spindle and nut minimizes the misalignment of the axes. The linear displacement of the axes is compensated by a direct displacement measuring system.

In addition to low heat formation, the ball screws recorded a low noise. The drive concept of the driven cooled nut enables high linear speeds with long payload of ball screws. In conjunction with a large pitch, speeds of over 120 m / min can be achieved, under ideal conditions speeds up to 4000 min-1 are possible. Therefore, the cycle times can be positively influenced with long travels. The preloaded spindle system causes a higher total rigidity of the drive train. The critical bending speed is not limited. Spindle accelerations of up to 30 m / s are possible. The use of hybrid bearings and ceramic balls may increase existing speed limits.

Ball screws with cooled nuts are available in sizes from 16 mm to 160 mm diameters with different pitches.

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