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For the automation of portal applications Rollon with the driven "Speedy Rail"A cost-effective alternative to large axle systems. The modular linear axes are very dynamic, highly wear-resistant and very resilient. They are suitable for use in moist, dirty, abrasive and corrosive environments.

The linear axes from the "Actuator Line"Consist of a self-supporting and self-aligning aluminum profile, a roller-type carriage and a suitable drive. The heavy-duty systems do not require maintenance or lubrication, and are highly reliable and quiet, even in dirty environments.

This makes them suitable for numerous automation tasks in mechanical and plant engineering where high dynamics and resistance are required, such as the construction of 2 or 3-axis Cartesian systems or in welding and sheet metal cutting systems as well as press and punching machines. Woodworking, painting and ceramic processing machines as well as marble boring machines and automotive applications can also be optimally automated with the fast and grease-free linear components.

Thanks to the aluminum alloy with hardened, anodized surface, the systems are particularly robust and guarantee maximum reliability. Up to 80.000 km, the Speedy Rail A-axis can cope easily. The low weight of the profiles guarantees high technical performance. Thus, gantry designs with load capacities of up to 3000 kg can be set up. The use of aluminum makes the axles economical. The runners are equipped with dust-proof plastic-coated steel rollers (V-shaped or cylindrical). This extends the life of the system.

The Speedy Rail systems reach speeds of up to 15 m / s at accelerations of up to 10 m / s2. Up to 7500 mm length can be made in one piece. If necessary, it is extended with further profile segments. Depending on the customer's request, belt drives or a combination of rack and pinion drive set the automation components in motion.

Especially for the automation of portal applications, the linear axes are an alternative to large axis systems, which are usually much more expensive. The manufacturer develops individually designed solutions from a comprehensive modular automation portfolio.

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